Existing Philosophically

Waking Mad courageously explores human existence and the deeper nature of life in the greater reality.

Ben Bruce and R. Jesse Olaithe model philosophical method and ternary discussion to facilitate truth and understanding. We courageously explore existence by utilizing integral wisdom traditions, gaining insight into the deeper nature of reality to challenge consensus consciousness and achieve interconnected human evolution potential.

What We've Been Doing

We could be twiddling our thumbs doing nothing - but are likely to do it whilst contemplating the vast complexity of our existence. See below for some of our latest adventures.


Making Youtube Videos

This is our main content platform for getting what goes on inside our heads out to you. Check in once and a while for new videos and more.


Waking Mad and the Afterlife

We had a wonderful time at the 2016 Afterlife Explorers Conference. Watch on to see what mind-picking goodies we captured from leading authors such as Robert Bruce, Anthony Peake and Mary Rodwell.


Afterlife Explorers Conference in 2016

Come walk with us as we take to Melbourne this January to pick the minds of various speakers about the afterlife. If we don't see you there, you can be sure to find our venture on Youtube soon after the event.

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